A Message from the Study Group Coordinator, Debby Perry, CPP,   760-807-0681

Registration for the Spring 2020 CPP/FPC (Certified Payroll Professional/Fundamental Payroll Certification) Study Group is now open!

Please send an email with your interest as soon as possible to ncpchapter@gmail.comThe Study Group begins February 8th and will be held both in person and on-line through March 28th.  You can attend as many sessions as you would like and if you are certified, you will earn 6 RCH credits per session.

I recommend that you purchase the 2019 Payroll Source textbook which is what the Spring 2020 exams will be based on.  If I get 10 or more orders for the 2019 text, we can get a 10% discount from the American Payroll Association.  Time is limited though!  We need to know via email if you plan to participate in the Study Group and whether or not you wish to purchase the textbook as soon as possible.  The 2019 Payroll Source text will be used as a reference during the Study Group, but any recent Payroll Source textbook can be used.

You are not required to take the test.  You can make your decision whether you wish to or not after the Study Group begins and you learn more about certification.  The exams will be held between March 21, 2020 and April 18, 2020.

NEW THIS YEAR!  This study group will be available on-line via Microsoft Teams as well as in person at my home in Frederick, CO.  Links to both the Study Group Syllabus and the KSA’s are attached for your review (Knowledge/Skills/Abilities – these are what the exams are based on).

The cost to attend the entire six Study Group Sessions, plus one day of calculations and a final Study Group “Boot-camp” is being offered this year for $100, the lowest cost in Colorado and the surrounding areas! When replying in the affirmative (no need to respond if in the negative), please let me know if you will be a Student or a Mentor (Session Instructor) and if you will be attending in Frederick, CO or via Microsoft Teams On-Line.  Additional details will come once I have a list of attendees.  Thank you and if you have any questions/concerns, please let me know.

Warm regards, 

Debby Perry, CPP, MHRM

CPP/FPC Study Group Coordinator

CPP-KSAS_Am Payroll Assoc

Study Group Syllabus-Spring 2020

NCPA uses

“The Payroll Source”  textbook for all Study Groups.  The Spring 2020 Study Group will use “The 2019 Payroll Source” text.


Certified Payroll Professional

Fundamental Payroll Certification


APA sets the standards for payroll excellence through certification programs at two levels. Explore the benefits of certification for you and your staff.  Click on the links below to read the criteria necessary to become a Certified Payroll Professional (CPP- Minimum of three years experience in payroll) or obtain the Fundamental Payroll Certification if you are new to payroll or wish to receive the FPC as a stepping stone to CPP certification.

Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC)
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