Finance Director Apply Online
Category: Administration/Business Manager
Date Posted: 9/12/2017
Location: District Office
Date of Availability: 11/01/2017
Date Closing: 10/09/2017

Position Summary:
Manages and oversees the accounting and business functions of the school district. Maintains accurate
financial records and furnishes reports and information needed to assist in the efficient operations of the
district’s financial affairs. Serves as a productive member of the district office team providing functions
necessary to support the process of educating children.

Key Duties & Responsibilities:
1. Development and preparation of the annual budget, including the development of enrollment
projections to support the budgeting process.
2. Maintain financial records and prepare financial statements
3. Manage and coordinate bank reconciliations, cash flow, accounts payable, and accounts receivable processes.
4. Closes out account balances and compiles financial data for annual financial audit. Reconciles balances to audit
draft and submits financial data to Colorado Department of Education
5. Provide fiscal guidance to technology director, food service director, maintenance director, and transportation
6. Provide fiscal counsel to building principals in regard to staffing and support services
7. Assist with review and coordination of employee benefits
8. Facilitate reimbursement from National School Lunch Program, including annual renewal of the reimbursement
agreement and submission of monthly claims
9. Submit and track insurance claims, including property/liability and workers compensation and all unemployment
10. Assists in planning the staffing needs of licensed and classified personnel
11. Assist Superintendent in the master planning process for all district facilities
12. Administer and manage the bond/debt service fund along with the necessary processes and documents for bon sale
13. Assist with all necessary CTE education program reports with appropriate staff input
14. Coordinate the annual district inventory or fixed assets reporting for audit and insurance
15. File state and federal reports as assigned by the superintendent
16. Be responsible for implimentation and compliance with board policies
17. Attend one Board of Education meeting each month, monthly Meet and Confer meetings, and DAAC
meetings as requested by superintendent.
18. Manage and coordinate purchasing and bidding process if required
19. Be responsible for other duties as assigned by the superintendent or board

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